Summertime and The Livin’ Is Easy

The title may be a bit premature, but it sure feels like summer around here!  Our May 2017 residents are out and about, taking in nature and all that Brush Creek Ranch has to offer.  A few, like Richard Kattman (visual artist shown above), are even working outside because the weather and feel of sunshine is just too good to pass up!  Here is to another gorgeous summer, right around the corner. For more on our May residents, head over to “Our Residents” page.



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Brush Creek Presents in The Platte Valley Schools

We cannot say enough wonderful things about our residents who generously contribute their time, knowledge and material each month for the BCFA community outreach program that we call, “Brush Creek Presents”. Winter months are the time for this program to travel with our residents and their presentations to the schools around The Platte Valley in Carbon County.  This includes the Saratoga and Encampment schools. Presentations are always unique, informative, engaging and saturated with all of the talent and passion these accomplished artists possess. Students, teachers and residents benefit from these engagements in many ways.  The exposure to all forms of art in the education system has proven to be beneficial to students and their development. The curiosity of the children during this time turns in to a sparkle in their eye when the words or imagery of an artist strikes their interest or passion.  The possibilities of impact and inspiration for the students are limitless and we are grateful to be a part of it. Thank you to the schools for allowing us to share and thank you to these fine artists for their contributions.

2017 March Residents of BCFA bring their work and knowledge to The Encampment K-12 School

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In With The New: March 2017 Residents Arrive

Brrr!! Winter storms encompassed The Platte Valley and many parts of Wyoming over the last week. BCFA staff charged through the challenge to keep the departing February residents and arriving March residents safe in their travels and settled in at their respective destinations.

We were sad to say goodbye to another incredible group from February.  Now that our monthly transition is complete, we would like to proudly introduce the newest residents of BCFA.  Here are the eight, enthusiastic creatives of March 2017!

(Left to Right) Maxim Loskutoff, Marilynn Brandenburger, Margaret Watson, Molly Pattison, Pilar Hanson, Tony Solitro, Heather Bryant, and Vanessa Compton

It will be a thrill to witness the beautiful work they create. For more information on these professionals, check out the “Our Residents” page.

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The Call is Open!


We are accepting applications NOW for The BCFA 2017 Summer/Fall Session. This is quite the unique opportunity for emerging and established artists alike to share in the time and space provided by our non-profit organization. The work, art, relationships, connections, memories and experiences created at Brush Creek Ranch are indelible and our residents continue to rave about their time here.

Apply now for a chance to be awarded with a 2-4 week residency at Brush Creek Foundation for the Arts!  The application fee is $40 and non-refundable.  Applicants are scored by a jury and selected based on ratings and availability.

Apply at

More Details at


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Welcome January 2017 BCFA Residents

We are so excited to kick off the new year with the fine artists showcased above. (Left to Right) Georgia Rowswell, Eric Diehl, Miranda Taylor, Cynthia Journey, Thomas Bramel, Tim Chatwood, Tamara Dean, and Heidi Durrow.  Thanks to a small window of relief between winter storms, everyone arrived to Brush Creek Ranch safely on Tuesday night.  We cannot wait to see the work that unfolds while this fantastic group of people makes the foundation their home over the next month!

Welcome and Congratulations to all!
To find more information about this month’s residents, their work, accomplishments and more, follow the respective websites/links:

Georgia Rowswell (Visual Artist) Cheyenne, WY
Eric Diehl (Visual Artist) Beacon, NY
Miranda Taylor (Visual Artist) Beaver Creek, Ohio
Cynthia Journey (Visual Artist) Manchester, MA
Thomas Bramel (Composer) Rockville, MD
Tim Chatwood (Composer) Reno, NV
Tamara Dean (Writer/Author) Viola, WI
Heidi Durrow (Writer/Author) Los Angeles, CA

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Warm Holiday Wishes from BCFA


Brush Creek Foundation for The Arts has released the end of year newsletter to recap 2016.  Check out the link below and happy holidays to all!  Become a subscriber today to receive future newsletters and updates.

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When The Resident Gives Back


Watercolor Painting Class by Allison Svoboda

Current August resident, Allison Svoboda was kind enough to lend her knowledge and expertise to some local art advocates as well as the co-residents and staff of BCFA. This Tuesday, she opened her studio up to amateur and experienced painters alike.  It was a gift for all to experience the elements of learning, natural talent, passion, and work in a relaxed and judgement free environment where each individual could tap into their creativeness while also looking beyond the scope of their own knowledge.  BCFA is grateful for her contribution and willingness to share!


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Check out BCFA at #6 on The Write Life’s list of most amazing writing residencies!



26 Amazing Writing Residencies You Should Apply for This Year

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How to get started

Brush Creek Arts Foundation enables artists to professionally develop their work in a relaxing and inspiring setting. Deadlines for application submissions are March 15 and September 15 each year.